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At Celerdyne we offer experience with all phases of the product development cycle. Any phase can be performed as a standalone activity.

However, engaging the capabilities of Celerdyne engineers at the brainstorming phase –and following through to production – ensures solid engineering at each phase.

We use our experience in designing products for many different industries, bringing a unique point-of-view to the solution of your complex engineering problems.

Once a concept has been selected, we check to see if the design is feasible for manufacturing, cost, strength, motion, material and size. This is a broad category and one we consider to be our specialty. During feasibility checks, you’ll see our experience shine through. We provide for quicker screening of designs, something you can’t get from other engineering firms.

Once a favorable design has been checked for feasibility, we use our pool of suppliers to create prototypes. We have considerable experience specifying and building prototypes of our designs. You can be assured the prototype will be cost effective, great for evaluation, and close to production intent.